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Sougata Hari

// Drums


An extremely versatile drummer who can play everything from intricate Latin beats to blazing fast metal beats. Sougata, takes his place behind the kit as the drummer of Daisuki.

Shrey Sinha

// Bass


Bass wizard Shrey Sinha, joins in on low end duties for Daisuki.
A bassist who knows when to hold down the groove and when to play a blazing solo, Shrey’s playing is an integral part of Daisuki’s sound.
He is a regular performer in the music scene, having played with bands such as The Floyd Santimano Jam Band.

Donny Phaipi

// Guitar

Doulalsang Phaipi is an ace guitarist, full of energy and a perfect touch on the guitar. His happy go lucky nature and enthusiasm bring a whole new element to Daisuki Live Shows. 

Abhishek Harish

// Guitar


Multi instrumentalist Abhishek Harish joins Daisuki on Guitar and Keyboard.
With over 12 years of performing experience, Abhishek can effortlessly switch between multiple instruments and play what the song requires

Anushruti Saha 

// Vocals


Two-Time Comic Con Cosplay Competition winner Anushruti Saha on vocal duties. Not only does she set the stage on fire with her scorching vocals, she’s also the brains behind all the cosplay, handcrafting each single costume to the smallest detail.

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